About FAHR Industries

Corinne Micheletti

FAHR Industries was formed by its President and founder, Corinne Micheletti, who originates from Nice, France.

Corinne came to Canada in 1989 and brought with her a European agricultural rock crusher, which she acquired rights to for North America. After numerous attempts at marketing the crusher in Canada she discovered that  the applications for this type of crushing (mainly for farming) did not have the same market appeal as in Europe.

The search was now on to find a new market for her equipment. FAHR Industries was then put in contact with the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC), as they showed great interest in this type of technology.

FERIC assisted FAHR in contacting numerous Forest Companies who could help test the crusher in forest conditions. As a result, FAHR and FERIC came to the conclusion that a new crusher should be designed to meet the unique demands of forest road building and road maintenance.

Over the next several years, FAHR Industries developed the FAHR ROADCRUSHER, model Forester C-2000, and once again the search to create a solid client base for the new crusher, was their main goal. 
Luckily at this time, the San Dimas Technology  and Research Center (SDTRC), an important research department within the United States Department of Agriculture, had been looking for this exact  type of technology. After numerous visits, the USDA Forest Service contracted FAHR Industries to crush a section  of road in central Arizona, as a test program. The original budget was $3,000,000.00 (US), and the FAHR ROADCRUSHER was able to complete the project at just under $300,000.00, saving the forest 2.7 million in taxpayers money. As a result, of this huge savings the Forest Service decided to purchase the first crusher from FAHR, and has since purchased many additional units.

As of 2009, the FAHR ROADCRUSHER is now in being used by various road maintenance organizations in the United States on the Federal, State, County levels along with Native American Nations who also provide administrative and technical services to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
FAHR Industries is now in the position to expand its marketing possibilities by finding new applications for the crusher. The company has successfully used the crusher in "Rails-to-Trails" project, helping to convert old railroad beds into bike and/or pedestrian pathways. This new areas success will prove to be a strong market as more and more people are becoming health conscious and demanding better trail systems.

As FAHR Industries enters its third decade of business and increases the awareness of its products and services, they will prove to be an important asset to contractors and government agencies in a time of shrinking financial resources.