Product Information - The FAHR ROADCRUSHER

The FAHR ROADCRUSHER® is "the unique self-powered mobile road crusher"TM, designed to make road development, construction, maintenance and repairs easier, faster and above all a cost saving method.

The FAHR ROADCRUSHER is a specialized loader attachment that can be quickly mounted on most front-end wheeled loaders (less than 30 minutes). The crushers' "uniqueness" comes from its ability to continuously process rocks, concrete and asphalt, ON the road surface without having to remove the material from the roadbed. This method not only completely eliminates the costly removal and replacement of the material to be crushed, but can re-establish a native roadbed without spreading seeds and/or diseases from region to region.

The FAHR ROADCRUSHER®  has many proved applications and has been used for forest road development, low-volume road resurfacing, recycling asphalt and concrete, and even crushing abandoned railroad beds into bike or pedestrian pathways. Many other useful applications also exist. 

Visit the "total road solutions" link for a comprehensive and complete breakdown of these categories.

The Forester C-2000TM is compact enough to be used in all types of conditions, yet effective enough to get the job done. The crusher is able to crush rocks as large as 16" in diameter as it moves along at an even pace. The FAHR ROADCRUSHER® works best when there is an even mixture of fines to medium sized rocks. As the Forester C-2000 crushes, it can reduce material to a size of 2 inch minus, in a single pass.

An average windrow of material about 5 feet wide and 16 inches high will produce enough material to cover an average road surface with about 12-14 feet wide by 4 inches thick of crushed material. This method produces a strong interlocking structure that improves the life of the finished roadbed.