Total Road Solutions - The FAHR ROADCRUSHER


The FAHR ROADCRUSHER has many practical applications. The following list are some of the crushers more common uses, many more may also exist.


- FOREST ROADS: Forest road development, repairs.

- LOW VOLUME ROADS: LVR maintenance, resurfacing, ditch cleaning, etc.

- RAILS TO TRAILS: Converting old railroad beds into walking paths, bike trails, horseback riding trails, motor bikes/ATV trails, or limited 4WD usage.

- ASPHALT & CONCRETE CRUSHING: Crush asphalt stockpiles, recycle asphalt (or chip seal) roads and reuse material within base, etc. 

Reduce old concrete sidewalks to rubble, recycle sections of concrete roads, clean-up stockpiles, etc.

FAHR ROADCRUSHER is currently being examined for possible use in underground and aboveground mining operations.